Running a hotel or B&B in Italy?
Get more guests with lower fees.

Italian hotels, B&Bs, residences and even campsites, manage their businesses more efficiently with Our simple property management system and powerful booking engine lets you focus on what’s important: your guests

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So what, exactly, is Quovai?

No, we’re not related to the movie, though to be honest, we sometimes wish we were. We’re actually a nimble start-up with big ambitions. We want to wrest back some power into the hands of hardworking property owners and away from the gigantic (and some might say merciless) online travel agents. Here’s what we offer:

Secure cloud-based property management system designed for Italy
Powerful booking engine with secure credit card management
Time-saving channel manager to auto-publish empty rooms to OTAs
Your own website, if you need, and visibility on multiple property portals

Simplify the management of your property

The heart of Quovai is a fully-fledged property management system (PMS). Designed with the needs of Italian properties specifically in mind, it contains all the features you need to efficiently manage your small or medium-sized business.

A professional property management system (PMS) designed for Italy

  • Simple inventory management and live availability for your guests

  • Cloud-based: no servers, installation or costly IT staff required

  • Configurable promotions and offers to maximise your occupancy

  • Industry-standard encryption and government compliance as standard

A booking engine that really works

Refined and optimised over several years, the Quovai booking engine delivers great conversion and turns browsers into bookers.

We maximise your bookings by providing a booking widget for your site in addition to the booking engine on our property portals.

Accept credit cards or bank transfers for securing reservations and be reassured in the knowledge that you control your cancellation policy and can easily manage no-show charges.

A time-saving channel manager you won’t believe you lived without

Automatically publish your room availability to the online travel agents of your choice.

Everything is fully integrated - no more manual configuration or time wasted filling in online forms. Your room availability is pushed automatically from the property management system (PMS). But you stay in control: remove availability at the click of a button and ensure you maximise your profits.

Increased visibility and your own website if you don’t have one

Every property has the option of being listed on our growing stable of property booking portals, including our primary portal, Increasing your property’s visibility has never been so easy.

What’s more, should you need it, we’re happy to provide you with a website to market your property at no additional cost. As you’d expect, it will work beautifully with our booking engine.

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